Examination of Leakage and End Effects in a Linear Synchronous Motor for a Vertical Transportaion by Means of Finite Element Computation. Platen, M. and Henneberger, G. In CEFC 2000, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June, 2000.
  title = {{E}xamination of {L}eakage and {E}nd {E}ffects in a {L}inear {S}ynchronous {M}otor for a {V}ertical {T}ransportaion by {M}eans of {F}inite {E}lement {C}omputation},
  author = {Platen, M.  and Henneberger, G. },
  booktitle = {CEFC 2000},
  year = {2000},
  month = {June},
  address = {Milwaukee, Wisconsin},
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