Logic Programs with Contextually Scoped Negation. Polleres, A. In 20th Workshop on Logic Programming (WLP 2006), Vienna, Austria, February, 2006.
Logic Programs with Contextually Scoped Negation [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
The Semantic Web community is currently dominated by knowledge representation formalisms adhering to a strict open world assumption. Nonmonotonic reasoning formalisms are viewed with partial scepticism and it is often argued that nonmonotonic reasoning techniques which adopt a closed world assumption are invalid in an open environment such as the Web where knowledge is notoriously incomplete. Nonetheless, in the ongoing discussion about rule extensions for Semantic Web Languages like RDF(S) or OWL several proposals have been made to partly break with this view and to allow a restricted form of negation as failure. Recently, the term ``scoped negation'' emerged in discussions around this topic, yet a clear definition about the meaning of ``scope'' and ``scoped negation'' and a formal semantics are still missing. In this paper we provide preliminary results towards these missing definitions and define two possible semantics for logic programs with contextually scoped negation, which we propose as an extension of RDFS.

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