Lazy Reference Counting for the Microgrid. Poss, R., Grelck, C., Herhut, S., & Scholz, S. In Proc. 16th Workshop on Interaction between Compilers and Computer Architectures (INTERACT'16), pages 41–48, February, 2012. IEEE.
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This papers revisits non-deferred reference counting, a common technique to ensure that potentially shared large heap objects can be reused safely when they are both input and output to computations. Traditionally, thread-safe reference counting exploit implicit memory-based communication of counter data and require means to achieve a globally consistent memory state, either using barriers or locks. Acknowledgeing the distributed nature of upcoming many-core chips, we have developed a novel approach that keeps reference counters at single physical locations and ships the counting operations asynchronously to these locations us- ing hardware primitives, rather than implicitely moving the counter data between threads. Compared to previous methods, our approach does not require full cache coherency.

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