Alternatives to NIMBY Gridlock: Voluntary Approaches to Radioactive Waste Facility Siting in Canada and the United States. Rabe, B. G., Gunderson, W. C., & Harbage, P. T. Canadian Public Administration, 37(4):644--666, 1994.
	title = {Alternatives to {NIMBY} {Gridlock}: {Voluntary} {Approaches} to {Radioactive} {Waste} {Facility} {Siting} in {Canada} and the {United} {States}},
	volume = {37},
	number = {4},
	journal = {Canadian Public Administration},
	author = {Rabe, B. G. and Gunderson, W. C. and Harbage, P. T.},
	year = {1994},
	pages = {644--666}

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