Agriculture Flood Mapping with Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) Data: A Case of 2016 Louisiana Flood. Rahman, M. S., Di, L., Shrestha, R., Yu, E. G., Lin, L., Zhang, C., Hu, L., Tang, J., Yang, Z., & Zhengwei, D. C.
	title = {Agriculture {Flood} {Mapping} with {Soil} {Moisture} {Active} {Passive} ({SMAP}) {Data}: {A} {Case} of 2016 {Louisiana} {Flood}},
	shorttitle = {Agriculture {Flood} {Mapping} with {Soil} {Moisture} {Active} {Passive} ({SMAP}) {Data}},
	author = {Rahman, Md Shahinoor and Di, Liping and Shrestha, Ranjay and Yu, Eugene G. and Lin, Li and Zhang, Chen and Hu, Lei and Tang, Junmei and Yang, Zhengwei and Zhengwei, D. C.}
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