Molecular simulations of protein disorder. Rauscher, S. & Pomès, R. Biochemistry and cell biology Biochimie et biologie cellulaire, 88(2):269-290, 2010.
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Protein disorder is abundant in proteomes throughout all kingdoms of life and serves many biologically important roles. Disordered states of proteins are challenging to study experimentally due to their structural heterogeneity and tendency to aggregate. Computer simulations, which are not impeded by these properties, have recently emerged as a useful tool to characterize the conformational ensembles of intrinsically disordered proteins. In this review, we provide a survey of computational studies of protein disorder with an emphasis on the interdisciplinary nature of these studies. The application of simulation techniques to the study of disordered states is described in the context of experimental and bioinformatics approaches. Experimental data can be incorporated into simulations, and simulations can provide predictions for experiment. In this way, simulations have been integrated into the existing methodologies for the study of disordered state ensembles. We provide recent examples of simulations of disordered states from the literature and our own work. Throughout the review, we emphasize important predictions and biophysical understanding made possible through the use of simulations. This review is intended as both an overview and a guide for structural biologists and theoretical biophysicists seeking accurate, atomic-level descriptions of disordered state ensembles.

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