A Framework for Network Intrusion Detection using Network Programmability and Data Stream Clustering Machine Learning Algorithms. Ribeiro, A. d. R. L., Ordonez, E. D. M., & Nascimento, A. C. A. In FedCSIS (Communication Papers), pages 57–63, 2019.
	title = {A {Framework} for {Network} {Intrusion} {Detection} using {Network} {Programmability} and {Data} {Stream} {Clustering} {Machine} {Learning} {Algorithms}.},
	booktitle = {{FedCSIS} ({Communication} {Papers})},
	author = {Ribeiro, Admilson de Ribamar Lima and Ordonez, Edward David Moreno and Nascimento, Anderson Clayton Alves},
	year = {2019},
	pages = {57--63}

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