Managing Implementation Processes: the Role of Public Managers in the Implementation of Accrual Accounting - Evidence from Six Case Studies in Germany. Ridder, H. G.; Bruns, H. J.; and Spier, F. Public Management Review, 8(1):87--118, 2006.
	title = {Managing {Implementation} {Processes}: the {Role} of {Public} {Managers} in the {Implementation} of {Accrual} {Accounting} - {Evidence} from {Six} {Case} {Studies} in {Germany}},
	volume = {8},
	number = {1},
	journal = {Public Management Review},
	author = {Ridder, H. G. and Bruns, H. J. and Spier, F.},
	year = {2006},
	pages = {87--118}
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