Cross-Virtuality Visualization, Interaction and Collaboration. Riegler, A., Anthes, C., Jetter, H., Heinzl, C., Holzmann, C., Jodlbauer, H., Brunner, M., Auer, S., Friedl, J., Fröhler, B., Leitner, C., Pointecker, F., Schwajda, D., & Tripathi, S. In Simeone, A. L., Esteves, A., Khamis, M., Daiber, F., Kljun, M., Pucihar, K. C., Isokoski, P., & Gugenheimer, J., editors, Proceedings of the International Workshop on Cross-Reality (XR) Interaction co-located with 14th ACM International Conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces (ACM ISS 2020), Lisbon, Portugal, October 8, 2020, volume 2779, of CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2020.
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