IlI-V/Si PICs Based on Micro-Transfer-Printing. Roelkens, G., Zhang, J., Muliuk, G., Goyvaerts, J., Haq, B., de Beeck, C. O., Liles, A., Wang, Z., Dhoore, S., Kumari, S., Juvert, J., Campenhout, J. V., Kuyken, B., Thourhout, D. V., Corbett, B., Trindade, A. J., Bower, C., & Baets, R. In OFC, pages 1-3, 2019. IEEE.
IlI-V/Si PICs Based on Micro-Transfer-Printing. [link]Link  IlI-V/Si PICs Based on Micro-Transfer-Printing. [link]Paper  bibtex   
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