A mechanistic model of photosynthesis in microalgae. Rubio, F., C., Camacho, F., G., Sevilla, J., M., F., Chisti, Y., & Grima, E., M. Biotechnology and bioengineering, 81(4):459-73, 2, 2003.
A mechanistic model of photosynthesis in microalgae. [pdf]Paper  A mechanistic model of photosynthesis in microalgae. [link]Website  abstract   bibtex   
A dynamic model of photosynthesis is developed, accounting for factors such as photoadaptation, photoinhibition, and the "flashing light effect." The model is shown to explain the reported photosynthesis-irradiance responses observed under various conditions (constant low light, constant intense irradiance, flashing light, diurnal variation in irradiance). As significant distinguishing features, the model assumes: (1) The stored photochemical energy is consumed in an enzyme-mediated process that obeys Michaelis-Menten kinetics; and (2) photoinhibition has a square-root dependence on irradiance. Earlier dynamic models of photosynthesis assumed a first-order dependence of photoinhibition on irradiance and different kinetics of consumption of the stored energy than used in this work. These earlier models could not explain the photosynthesis-irradiance behavior under the full range of irradiance scenarios-a shortcoming that is overcome in the model developed in this work.

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