Isothermal Vapor Pressures of Three Binary Systems: n-Tetradecane plus Methyl Dodecanoate, Methyl Tetradecanoate, or Methyl Hexadecanoate between 353.15 and 453.15 K. Sahraoui, L., Khimeche, K., Mokbel, I., Benziane, M., & Jose, J. Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, 62(6):1842–1852, 2017. bibtex*[url=;booktitle=]
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	title = {Isothermal {Vapor} {Pressures} of {Three} {Binary} {Systems}: n-{Tetradecane} plus {Methyl} {Dodecanoate}, {Methyl} {Tetradecanoate}, or {Methyl} {Hexadecanoate} between 353.15 and 453.15 {K}},
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