Mechanism of ST-Segment Alteration During Acute Myocardial Injury. Samson, W. & Scher, A. j-CR, 8:780--787, 1960.
  author =       "W.E. Samson and A.M. Scher",
  title =        "Mechanism of {ST}-Segment Alteration During Acute
                 Myocardial Injury",
  journal =      j-CR,
  year =         "1960",
  volume =       "8",
  pages =        "780--787",
  robnote =      "Interesting mainly for its place as a significant
                 paper on changes due to ischemia, at a time when much
                 less was known. No acute biphasic effects but TQ and ST
                 interval shifts explained by theory and seen with
                 DC-ECG amps and intracellular recordings. thesis,

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