Evaluating speech features with the Minimal-Pair ABX task (II): Resistance to noise. Schatz, T., Peddinti, V., Cao, X., Bach, F., Hermansky, H., & Dupoux, E. In Fifteenth Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association, 2014.
	title = {Evaluating speech features with the {Minimal}-{Pair} {ABX} task ({II}): {Resistance} to noise},
	shorttitle = {Evaluating speech features with the {Minimal}-{Pair} {ABX} task ({II})},
	booktitle = {Fifteenth {Annual} {Conference} of the {International} {Speech} {Communication} {Association}},
	author = {Schatz, Thomas and Peddinti, Vijayaditya and Cao, Xuan-Nga and Bach, Francis and Hermansky, Hynek and Dupoux, Emmanuel},
	year = {2014},

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