Performance Evaluation of a Convex Relaxation Approach to the Quadratic Assignment of Relational Object Views. Schellewald, C.; Roth, S.; and Schnörr, C. Technical Report 02/2002, Dept.~Math.~and Comp.~Science, University of Mannheim, Germany, Feb., 2002. \em Image and Vision Comp.\/, submitted
  Title                    = {{P}erformance {E}valuation of a {C}onvex {R}elaxation {A}pproach to the {Q}uadratic {A}ssignment of {R}elational {O}bject {V}iews},
  Author                   = {Schellewald, C. and Roth, S. and Schn{\"o}rr, C.},
  Institution              = {Dept.~Math.~and Comp.~Science},
  Year                     = {2002},

  Address                  = {University of Mannheim, Germany},
  Month                    = {Feb.},
  Note                     = {{\em Image and Vision Comp.\/}, submitted},
  Number                   = {02/2002},
  Type                     = {Comp.~Science Series, Technical Report}
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