Integrating Distributed Configurations with RDFS and SPARQL. Schenner, G., Bischof, S., Polleres, A., & Steyskal, S. In 16th International Configuration Workshop, Novi Sad, Serbia, September, 2014.
Integrating Distributed Configurations with RDFS and SPARQL [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
Large interconnected technical systems (e.g. railway networks, power grids, computer networks) are often configured with the help of multiple configurators, which store their configurations in separate databases based on heterogenous domain models (ontologies). When users want to ask queries over several distributed configurations, these domain models need to be aligned. To this end, standard mechanisms for ontology and data integration are required that enable combining query answering with reasoning about these distributed configurations. In this paper we describe our experience with using standard Semantic Web technologies (RDFS and SPARQL) in such a context.

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