Factor analysis of the electrocardiogram. Test of electrocardiographic theory:Normal hearts. Scher, S., Young, A., & Meredith, W. j-CR, 8:519--526, 1960.
  author =       "S.M. Scher and A.C. Young and W.M. Meredith",
  title =        "Factor analysis of the electrocardiogram. {T}est of
                 electrocardiographic theory:{N}ormal hearts",
  journal =      j-CR,
  year =         "1960",
  volume =       "8",
  pages =        "519--526",
  robnote =      "The earliest ref I have for using factor analysis in
                 ECG analysis. Uses the moment matrix instead of
                 covariance (KL) to compute eigensignals in time and
                 compares them across a group of normal subjects.",
  bibdate =      "Sun Sep 14 16:34:25 1997",

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