Manipulating the Band Structure of SrTiO 3 with Strain. Schlom, D. G, Brooks, C. M, Chvostova, D., Trepakov, V., Holtz, M. E, Podraza, N. J, Berger, R. F, Kourkoutis, L. F, Heeg, T., Bernhagen, M., & others In APS March Meeting Abstracts, volume 2014, pages J2–011, 2014.
  title={Manipulating the Band Structure of SrTiO 3 with Strain},
  author={Schlom, Darrell G and Brooks, Charles M and Chvostova, Dagmar and Trepakov, Vladimir and Holtz, Megan E and Podraza, Nik J and Berger, Robert F and Kourkoutis, Lena F and Heeg, Tassilo and Bernhagen, Margitta and others},
  booktitle={APS March Meeting Abstracts},

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