Efficient Sampling Rate Offset Compensation - an Overlap-Save Based Approach. Schmalenstroeer, J. & Haeb-Umbach, R. In 2018 26th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), pages 499-503, Sep., 2018.
Efficient Sampling Rate Offset Compensation - an Overlap-Save Based Approach [pdf]Paper  doi  abstract   bibtex   
Distributed sensor data acquisition usually encompasses data sampling by the individual devices, where each of them has its own oscillator driving the local sampling process, resulting in slightly different sampling rates at the individual sensor nodes. Nevertheless, for certain downstream signal processing tasks it is important to compensate even for small sampling rate offsets. Aligning the sampling rates of oscillators which differ only by a few parts-per-million, is, however, challenging and quite different from traditional multirate signal processing tasks. In this paper we propose to transfer a precise but computationally demanding time domain approach, inspired by the Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem, to an efficient frequency domain implementation. To this end a buffer control is employed which compensates for sampling offsets which are multiples of the sampling period, while a digital filter, realized by the well-known Overlap-Save method, handles the fractional part of the sampling phase offset. With experiments on artificially misaligned data we investigate the parametrization, the efficiency, and the induced distortions of the proposed resampling method. It is shown that a favorable compromise between residual distortion and computational complexity is achieved, compared to other sampling rate offset compensation techniques.

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