CRISP: a semantics for focus-sensitive particles in questions. Schmitt, M. Master's thesis, University of Amsterdam, 2018. University of Amsterdam, MSc thesis
CRISP: a semantics for focus-sensitive particles in questions [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
Focus particles like only, too, even, etc. are well studied expressions in formal semantics. They received a lot of attention from different view points, e.g. presupposition theory and the study of scalar implicatures. However, these particles did not receive as much attention when occurring in questions (with the exception from focus intervention effects). Concentrating on too we present interesting data points on too in alternative questions, plain polar questions, and who-questions, showing that too is infelicitous in some questions, but not all. We restrict ourselves thereby to questions in matrix form. The explanation of these data would be a first step towards a general account of the distribution of too in questions. In order to explain the data points, the thesis will develop a compositional inquisitive semantics with focus and presuppositions: CRISP. This is motivated both conceptually and technically, since the few accessible frameworks for such a study are either technically restricted, or conceptually ill-suited. We will show that CRISP can account for the data points.

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