Forms of Plagiarism in Digital Mathematical Libraries. Schubotz, M., Teschke, O., Stange, V., Meuschke, N., & Gipp, B. In Proceedings International Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics, volume 11617 LNCS, pages 258–274, Czech Republic, July, 2019.
Forms of Plagiarism in Digital Mathematical Libraries [pdf]Paper  doi  abstract   bibtex   
We report on an exploratory analysis of the forms of plagiarism observable in mathematical publications, which we identified by investigating editorial notes from zbMATH. While most cases we encountered were simple copies of earlier work, we also identified several forms of disguised plagiarism. We investigated 11 cases in detail and evaluate how current plagiarism detection systems perform in identifying these cases. Moreover, we describe the steps required to discover these and potentially undiscovered cases in the future.

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