Incidence of trematode parasites of American Plaice (Hippoglossoides platessoides) of the Scotian Shelf and Gulf of St. Lawrence in relation to fish length and food. Scott, J. J. Fish. Res. Board Can., 32:479--483, 1975.
	title = {Incidence of trematode parasites of {American} {Plaice} ({Hippoglossoides} platessoides) of the {Scotian} {Shelf} and {Gulf} of {St}. {Lawrence} in relation to fish length and food},
	volume = {32},
	journal = {J. Fish. Res. Board Can.},
	author = {Scott, J.S.},
	year = {1975},
	keywords = {ABUNDANCE, CANADA, Digenea, FISH, FLATFISH, MARINE, hippoglossoides, incidence, platessoides},
	pages = {479--483}

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