The analysis of the stress-strain state in the PCM-optical-fiber system. Serovaev, G. & Kosheleva, N. In AIP Conference Proceedings, volume 2053, 2018.
The analysis of the stress-strain state in the PCM-optical-fiber system [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
© 2018 Author(s). Fiber-optic strain sensors (FOSS) perfectly suit for organizing a measuring system of polymer composite materials (PCM) due to small dimensions, measurement accuracy, and the possibility of both placing optical fibers on the surface of the object under study and embedding them into the structure of a composite material. One of the main problems arising in the evaluation of the mechanical state of a structure using optical fibers is the correspondence of the measured strain in the optical fiber to the actual strain in the composite material. In this study, the efficiency of strain transfer from the initial material to the optical fiber placed on the surface or embedded in the PCM structure at various ratios of the mechanical properties of composite materials to the optical fiber properties are investigated. The discrepancy zone of strains in the optical fiber and in the initial material is estimated. For optical fibers placed on the surface of the material, the issue of gluing of the optical fiber along its length is considered.

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