Grooming Future Physician-scientists: Evaluating the Impact of Research Motivations, Practices, and Perceived Barriers Towards the Uptake of an Academic Career Among Medical Students. Shah, S. M. M., Sohail, M., Ahmad, K. M., Imtiaz, F., & Iftikhar, S. Cureus, 2017.
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	title = {Grooming {Future} {Physician}-scientists: {Evaluating} the {Impact} of {Research} {Motivations}, {Practices}, and {Perceived} {Barriers} {Towards} the {Uptake} of an {Academic} {Career} {Among} {Medical} {Students}.},
	doi = {10.7759/CUREUS.1991},
	journal = {Cureus},
	author = {Shah, Sayed Mustafa Mahmood and Sohail, Mahnoor and Ahmad, Khwaja Mubeen and Imtiaz, Fouzia and Iftikhar, Sundus},
	year = {2017},

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