Spin-Transfer Torque Induced Paramagnetic Resonance. Shakirov, A., M., Rubtsov, A., N., & Ribeiro, P. 2018.
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We show how the spin-transfer torque generated by an AC voltage may be used to excite a paramagnetic resonance of an atomic spin deposited on a metallic surface. This mechanism is independent of the environment of the atom and may explain the ubiquity of the paramagnetic resonance reported by S. Baumann et al. [Science 350, 417 (2015)]. The current and spin dynamics are modeled by a time-dependent Redfield master equation generalized to account for the periodic driven voltage. Our approach shows that the resonance effect is a consequence of the non-linearity of the coupling between the magnetic moment and the spin polarized current which generates a large second-harmonic amplitude that can be measured in the current signal.

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