Toward Modeling the Social Edition: An Approach to Understanding the Electronic Scholarly Edition in the Context of New and Emerging Social Media. Siemens, R., Timney, M., Leitch, C., & Koolen, C. In The Broadview Reader in Book History, pages 445–461. 2014.
	title = {Toward {Modeling} the {Social} {Edition}: {An} {Approach} to {Understanding} the {Electronic} {Scholarly} {Edition} in the {Context} of {New} and {Emerging} {Social} {Media}},
	booktitle = {The {Broadview} {Reader} in {Book} {History}},
	author = {Siemens, Ray and Timney, Meagan and Leitch, Cara and Koolen, Corina},
	year = {2014},
	pages = {445--461},

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