Forecast for Southern British Columbia Coho Salmon in 2002. Simpson, K.; Dobson, D.; Lemke, S.; Sweeting, R.; Tanasichuk, R. W.; Baille, S.; Section, S. S. A.; Division, S. A.; and Division, S. A. Technical Report Nanaimo, B.C., 2002.
	address = {Nanaimo, B.C.},
	title = {Forecast for {Southern} {British} {Columbia} {Coho} {Salmon} in 2002},
	author = {Simpson, K. and Dobson, D. and Lemke, S. and Sweeting, R. and Tanasichuk, R. W. and Baille, S. and Salmon Stock Assessment Section and Stock Assessment Division and Stock Assessment Division},
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