Environment: a futuristic view. Singh, J. S. Current Science, 113(2):210–217, 2017. 00000
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The e arth today is experiencing environmental conditions unprecedented in the history of the planet. Biodiversity is the basis of ecosystem services for human well - being. Reports indicate that the earth has inde ed entered into a phase of mass extinction, and that the ecolog i cal footprint has substantially exceeded the biocapacity of the earth. It is argued that the ecological footprint must be reduced through sustainable development which should keep n ature at it s core. Anthropogenic activities have led to global environmental change which is adversely affecting human well - being. Global warming may result in a temperature rise of 4 – 5  C; the world food production may substa n- tially decline, and the sea level may ris e by up to 195 cm by 2100, inundating vast coastal areas. Almost four billion people are facing water scarcity. Three of the nine Rockstr ö m’s plan e tary boundaries have already been exceeded. However, the encouraging fact is that the nations have agreed to limit global warming to 1.5  C , which gives us hope

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