Cyclic-UDP: A priority-Driven Best-Effort Protocol. Smith, B. C. Unpublished manuscript, May, 1994.
Cyclic-UDP: A priority-Driven Best-Effort Protocol [ps]Paper  bibtex   
@article{ Smith94,
  author = {Brian C. Smith},
  title = {Cyclic-{UDP}: A priority-Driven Best-Effort Protocol},
  journal = {Unpublished manuscript },
  year = {1994},
  month = {May},
  annote = {The paper describes a protocol that uses application level ordering and a transport-level queue to provide different prority to different media units. The protocol also uses flow control to limit the outgoing bandwidth, and by the prioritizing mechanism it is always the most important packets that will be sent.},
  url = {papers/}
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