TCP/IP Performance over (E)GPRS network. Sánchez, R.; Romero, J.; Martinez, J.; and J̈arvel̈a, R. Proc. IEEE VTC Fall -2002, Vancouver, Canada, September, 2002.
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@article{ Sanchez02,
  author = {Sánchez, Rafael and Romero, Javier and Martinez, Julia and J̈{a}rvel̈{a}, Rauli},
  title = {TCP/IP Performance over (E)GPRS network},
  journal = {Proc. IEEE VTC Fall -2002, Vancouver, Canada},
  year = {2002},
  month = {September},
  annote = {Simulation-based study of FTP and web traffic that suggests that large MSS and a initial window of at least two should be used. Abstract: The Performance of TCP/IP based applications over 2.5 and 3G networks presents problems due to long bandwidth-delay products, link errors and long delay variance. Specific characteristics of underlying technology like link level error recovery algorithms or quality of service procedures have also important influence on the behaviour of TCP layer and affect to the end to end performance. In this paper simulation results for EGPRS network are presented from an end-to-end dynamic simulator that models TCP Reno with some additional features, core network delays and buffering, GPRS RLC acknowledged mode and link level interference calculations. },
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