Identity, Discursive Hegemony, Contestation, and Change - The German Discourse on Responsibility and the Arms Supply to the Peshmerga. Stahl, B. In Panel S36 ‘Responsibility in Global Politics’, September, 2017. event-place: Universitatea Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
	title = {Identity, {Discursive} {Hegemony}, {Contestation}, and {Change} - {The} {German} {Discourse} on {Responsibility} and the {Arms} {Supply} to the {Peshmerga}},
	language = {en},
	booktitle = {Panel {S36} ‘{Responsibility} in {Global} {Politics}’},
	author = {Stahl, Bernhard},
	month = sep,
	year = {2017},
	note = {event-place: Universitatea Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona},

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