Improving TCP Performance in Mobile Computing Environments. Stangel, M. & Bharghavan, V. International Conference on Communications '98, Atlanta, GA, June, 1998.
Improving TCP Performance in Mobile Computing Environments [ps]Paper  bibtex   
@article{ Stangel98,
  author = {M. Stangel and V. Bharghavan},
  title = {Improving {TCP} Performance in Mobile Computing Environments},
  journal = {International Conference on Communications '98, Atlanta, GA},
  year = {1998},
  month = {June},
  annote = {Describes a version of TCP (Mobile TCP) that is mobility aware at both the mobile host and the stationary correspondent host. Packet loss due to handoff, interface switching and congestion (default) are distinguised. The mobile host detects handoffs and interface switches and informs the correspondent host. Special connection management allows multiple addresses to be used to identify a transport end point during a connection. },
  url = {papers/},
  submitter = {Anna Brunstr̈{o}m},
  bibdate = {Thursday, August 26, 1999 at 12:27:35 (MEST)}

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