Programação Paralela para GPU em Aplicações de Processamento Stream. Stein, C. Undergraduate Thesis, June, 2018.
Programação Paralela para GPU em Aplicações de Processamento Stream [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
Stream processing applications are used in many areas. They usually require real-time processing and have a high computational load. The parallelization of this type of application is necessary. The use of GPUs can hypothetically increase the performance of this stream processing applications. This work presents the study and parallel software implementation for GPU on stream processing applications. Applications of different areas were chosen and parallelized for CPU and GPU. A set of experiments were conducted and the results achieved were analyzed. Therefore, the Sobel, LZSS, Dedup, and Black-Scholes applications were parallelized. The Sobel filter did not gain performance, while the LZSS, Dudup and Black-Scholes obtained a Speedup of 36x, 13x and 6.9x respectively. In addition to performance, the source lines of code from the implementations with CUDA and OpenCL libraries were measured in order to analyze the code intrusion. The tests performed showed that in some applications the use of GPU is advantageous, while in other applications there are no significant gains when compared to the parallel versions in CPU.

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