TCP Congestion Control. Stevens, W., Allman, M., & Paxson, V. August, 1998. Work in Progress
@misc{ Stevens98,
  title = {{TCP} Congestion Control},
  author = {W. Stevens and M. Allman and V. Paxson},
  month = {August},
  year = {1998},
  note = {Work in Progress},
  annote = { This document discusses three distinct topics related to TCP Congestion Control. First it looks at TCP's four congestion control algorithms: \begin{itemize} ıtem slow start ıtem congestion avoidance ıtem fast retransmit ıtem fast recovery \end{itemize} In addition the document specifies how TCP should begin transmission after a relatively long idle period. Finally, various acknowledgment generation methods are discussed. Implementation considerations are give for each of the four congestion control algorithms. This includes a discussion of what is required by an implementation and what is merely a recommendation. The discussion on the restart of idle connections recommends that slow start should be used to avoid an inappropriate burst of traffic to be transmitted. Finally, when discussing acknowledgment mechanisms, the author recommends that the delayed ACK algorithm should be used. It also emphasizes that no TCP implementation is allowed to generate more than one ACK for every incoming segment. For implementations that implement the selective acknowledgment option guidelines are given for how these algorithms should behave, but implementation details are left up to the implementer. },
  status = {INTERNET DRAFT}

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