Lower Layer Guidelines for Robust HC. Svanbro, K. Internet Draft, draft-ietf-rohc-rtp-lower-layer-guidelines-03.txt.
@article{ Svanbro00,
  author = {Krister Svanbro},
  title = {Lower Layer Guidelines for Robust HC},
  journal = {Internet Draft, draft-ietf-rohc-rtp-lower-layer-guidelines-03.txt},
  annote = {Describes the lower layer guidelines for robust header compression (ROHC) and the requirements ROHC put on lower layers. The key points are that; lower layers should be able to detect errors in (compressed) headers. It is recommended that invalid packets are passed to the decompressor as it might make use of the packet anyway, but it should then be marked as invalid. ROHC requires atleast that packet length can be inferred from any underlying link layer. It is recommended that demultiplexing of flows onto logical channels is performed. This will reduce the need for context identification in the header compression scheme. To maintain efficient ROHC operation, handover events should not cause significant long events of consecutive packet loss. Unequal error detection/protection schemes may be used to detect errors in the header or protect from errors occuring.},
  bibdate = {Monday, March 11, 2002 at 08:47:52 (CET)},
  submitter = {Stefan Alfredsson}

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