OCO-3 early mission operations and initial (vEarly) XCO2 and SIF retrievals. Taylor, T. E., Eldering, A., Merrelli, A., Kiel, M., Somkuti, P., Cheng, C., Rosenberg, R., Fisher, B., Crisp, D., Basilio, R., Bennett, M., Cervantes, D., Chang, A., Dang, L., Frankenberg, C., Haemmerle, V. R., Keller, G. R., Kurosu, T., Laughner, J. L., Lee, R., Marchetti, Y., Nelson, R. R., O'Dell, C. W., Osterman, G., Pavlick, R., Roehl, C., Schneider, R., Spiers, G., To, C., Wells, C., Wennberg, P. O., Yelamanchili, A., & Yu, S. Remote Sensing of Environment, 251:112032, 2020.
OCO-3 early mission operations and initial (vEarly) XCO2 and SIF retrievals [link]Paper  doi  bibtex   
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