Comparing Safety Outcomes in Police Use-Of-Force Cases for Law Enforcement Agencies That Have Deployed Conducted Energy Devices and A Matched Comparison Group That Have Not: A Quasi-Experimental Evaluation. Taylor, B., Koper, C., Martinez, M., & Cronin, J.
	title = {Comparing {Safety} {Outcomes} in {Police} {Use}-{Of}-{Force} {Cases} for {Law} {Enforcement} {Agencies} {That} {Have} {Deployed} {Conducted} {Energy} {Devices} and {A} {Matched} {Comparison} {Group} {That} {Have} {Not}: {A} {Quasi}-{Experimental} {Evaluation}},
	language = {en},
	author = {Taylor, Bruce and Koper, Chris and Martinez, Mary and Cronin, James},
	pages = {101},

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