The Cotton Troper (London, British Library, Cotton ms. Caligula A. XIV, ff. 1-36) : a Study of an Illustrated English Troper of the Eleventh Century. Teviotdale, E. C. Ph.D. Thesis, University of North Carolina, Chapell Hill, 1991.
	address = {Chapell Hill},
	title = {The {Cotton} {Troper} ({London}, {British} {Library}, {Cotton} ms. {Caligula} {A}. {XIV}, ff. 1-36) : a {Study} of an {Illustrated} {English} {Troper} of the {Eleventh} {Century}},
	school = {University of North Carolina},
	author = {Teviotdale, Elizabeth C.},
	year = {1991},
	keywords = {Enluminure, Iconographie},

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