Metastable b.c.c. phase formation in the NbCr system. Thoma, D., J., Perepezko, J., H., Plantz, D., H., & Schwarz, R., B. Materials Science and Engineering A, 179-180(PART 1):176-180, 1994.
Metastable b.c.c. phase formation in the NbCr system [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
Extended metastable b.c.c. solid solutions of Nb-Xat.%Cr (X = 35, 77, 82 and 94) were synthesized by two-anvil splat-quenching. In addition, b.c.c. Nb-67at.%Cr was prepared by mechanically alloying mixtures of niobium and chromium powders. The lattice parameters were measured by X-ray diffraction and the Young's moduli by low load micro-indentation. The composition dependence of the lattice parameters and elastic moduli shows a positive deviation with respect to a rule of mixtures. During continuous heating at 15°C min-1, the metastable precursoe b.c.c. phases decomposed at temperatures above 750°C to uniformly refined microstructures. © 1994.

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