Synergism of Nutrients and Humic Acid in Accrual of Periphytic Biomass in a Subalpine Stream, Colorado Front Range. Toetz, D. & Payton, M. E. Journal of Freshwater Ecology, 2004.
	title = {Synergism of {Nutrients} and {Humic} {Acid} in {Accrual} of {Periphytic} {Biomass} in a {Subalpine} {Stream}, {Colorado} {Front} {Range}},
	volume = {19},
	number = {1},
	journal = {Journal of Freshwater Ecology},
	author = {Toetz, D. and Payton, M. E.},
	year = {2004},
	keywords = {NWT, NWTLTER, dissolved organic-matter}

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