The Rewritten Book of Joshua as Found at Qumran and Masada. Tov, E. In Biblical Perspectives: Early Use & Interpretation of the Bible in Light of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Proceedings of the First International Symposium of the Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature, 12-14 May, 1996, of Studies on the Texts of the Desert of Judah, pages 233--256. Brill, Leiden, 1998.
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4Q378 4Q379 4Q522 5Q9 MasParaJosh = Mas 1039-211 4Q123 = 4QpaleoParaJosh
	address = {Leiden},
	series = {Studies on the {Texts} of the {Desert} of {Judah}},
	title = {The {Rewritten} {Book} of {Joshua} as {Found} at {Qumran} and {Masada}},
	abstract = {4Q378
MasParaJosh = Mas 1039-211
4Q123 = 4QpaleoParaJosh},
	number = {28},
	booktitle = {Biblical {Perspectives}: {Early} {Use} \& {Interpretation} of the {Bible} in {Light} of the {Dead} {Sea} {Scrolls}. {Proceedings} of the {First} {International} {Symposium} of the {Orion} {Center} for the {Study} of the {Dead} {Sea} {Scrolls} and {Associated} {Literature}, 12-14 {May}, 1996},
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	pages = {233--256}

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