The midas human performance model. Tyler, S., W., Neukom, C., Logan, M., & Shively, J. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society- 42nd Annual Meeting, 1:320-324, 1998.
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A unique sfotware tool for conducting human factors analyses of copmlex human-machine systems has been developed at NASA Ames Research Center. Called the Man-Machine Integration Design and Analysis System (MIDAS), this simulation system contains moels of human performance that can be used to evaluate candidate procedures, controls, and displays prior to more expensive and tiem consuming hardware stiulators and human subject experiments. While this tool has been successfully appliied to research issues in several domains, espeically aeronautics, a desire to expand its functionality and its ease of use has led to the contrsuction of a new object-oriented system. This new version of MIDAS contaisn a substantially modified human performance model, one that is aimed at being more consistent with empirical data on human behavior and more nautral for designers to apply to the anlyses of complex new designs. This paper offers a summary of this new human performance model, together with justifications for some of its main componenets, and indicates plans for its subsequent verification and validation.

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