AUTOABSTRACT the dissertation (translation into English). V.A.Martynov
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The relevance of the study. The problem of economic efficiency is just as old. like the production itself, because it is appropriate only efficient production, i.e. production that ensures the desired result. Nevertheless, the problem of economic efficiency is far from being exhausted both theoretically and in practice. even the basic question of the essence of effectiveness as a measure of effectiveness, in my view, needs to be clarified, since efficiency has a wide range, including negative effectiveness. The general idea of the efficiency measure as the ratio of its main parameters: result and cost remains unchanged, but the historical process of development of social production makes significant changes in the evaluation of both its result and costs. The concept of the relation of the named efficiency parameters is also changed. The content of this category should fully reflect the fundamental changes in the modern productive forces caused by the scientific and technological revolution, as well as the comprehensive aspects of social activities. In connection with the changed conditions of production, the transition of humanity to a post -industrial and information society, it is impossible not to take into account the fact that the very concept of the effectiveness of social production, and its assessment is also undergoing change. While preserving the General concept of efficiency as a result-cost ratio, there are not only quantitative but also qualitative changes in the parameters of the efficiency of social production. Even in the historically foreseeable modern period, the concept of economic efficiency has expanded through the social component of efficiency. There is a need to take into account not just economic, but social and economic efficiency. Especially important is the orientation of society to improve socio-economic efficiency in a market economy, which is the goal and simultaneously a condition for the successful development of the economy of the country and regions. The almost ten-year period of reforming the Russian economy testifies to the insufficient orientation of the reform to ensure socio-economic efficiency of production. This is due to a number of objective and subjective circumstances, including insufficient theoretical development of the problem of effective reform. The peculiarities of socio-economic efficiency of production and the development of ways to improve it for the formation of the economic policy of the country and its regions are of great importance, which raised questions about the need to study the factors and conditions for improving the socio-economic efficiency of production, the mechanism for ensuring its increase, the formation of directions and ways to ensure an optimal ratio between state regulation and market self-regulation, identification of features and differentiation of socio-economic efficiency at each level of the socio-economic system as the most important national objectives. Indeed, if the strategy of ensuring socio-economic efficiency is common for all levels of the country's economy, its implementation involves taking into account the characteristics of each region, industry, enterprise, without 3 which it is impossible to provide a national strategy to improve socio-economic efficiency of production. Thus, the problems of dialectics of the theory and practice of socio-economic efficiency are among the urgent and priority in economic science. The degree of elaboration of the topic. In the economic literature, a lot of works by foreign and domestic authors are devoted to the issues of production efficiency as an economic category, its features, forms, criteria and indicators, economic stimulation of production efficiency increase. Among the foreign Smith M. and others who have contributed to the development of theoretical and methodological issues of improving the efficiency of production in market its aspects. For a long time, economic science was dominated by a technological approach in understanding and assessing the economic efficiency of production. The social sphere was seen as a sphere that consumes the results of economic efficiency. The technological approach also did not take into account the subjective aspect of economic efficiency. Meanwhile, cost-effectiveness for one entity may not be effective for others. Therefore, in our opinion, while preserving the General concept of economic efficiency, it is necessary to distinguish from it the technological and based on it, the "growing" socio-economic efficiency of production. This calls for a distinction between socio-economic and technological forms of efficiency. Socio-economic issues of efficiency in the transition to postindustrial-information system of management are still insufficiently explored in Economics, including: about structure and forms of economic efficiency of production; on the problems of dialectics of correlation and interaction of technological and socio-economic efficiency; factors and conditions determining the level of socio-economic efficiency; about changes and character of development of social and economic efficiency of production; about essence, structure, forms and functions of the mechanism of increase of social and economic efficiency of production; about the directions of increase of social and economic efficiency of production; on ways of optimizing the relationship between state and market regulation; about improvement of economic stimulation of increase of social and economic efficiency of production.

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