Moment-ratio diagrams for univariate distributions. Vargo, E., Pasupathy, R., & Leemis, L. Journal of Quality Technology, 42(3):276–286, 2010.
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We present two moment-ratio diagrams along with guidance for their interpretation. The first moment-ratio diagram is a graph of skewness versus kurtosis for common univariate probability distributions. The second moment-ratio diagram is a graph of coefficient of variation versus skewness for common univariate probability distributions. Both of these diagrams, to our knowledge, are the most comprehensive to date. The diagrams serve four purposes: (1) they quantify the proximity between various univariate distributions based on their second, third, and fourth moments; (2) they illustrate the versatility of a particular distribution based on the range of values that the moments can assume; and (3) they can be used to create a short list of potential probability models based on a data set; (4) they clarify the limiting relationships between various well-known distribution families. The use of the moment-ratio diagrams for choosing a distribution that models given data is illustrated.

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