Derivative based real-time spectrum coordination for DSL. Verdyck, J., Blondia, C., & Moonen, M. In 2016 24th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), pages 305-309, Aug, 2016.
Derivative based real-time spectrum coordination for DSL [pdf]Paper  doi  abstract   bibtex   
In digital subscriber line systems, spectrum coordination is a powerful technique to improve performance. A typical spectrum coordination algorithm employs an iterative procedure to solve the rate adaptive spectrum management problem. These iterative procedures deliver a feasible result only after convergence, and are therefore mostly unable to deal with real-time computational constraints. Recently, the new paradigm of so-called real-time dynamic spectrum management has been defined. This paper presents a simple and powerful framework for real-time spectrum coordination based on bicoordinate ascent methods. This framework is then used to define a novel derivative based real-time spectrum coordination algorithm with provable convergence properties, referred to as fast derivative based iterative power difference balancing (FDB-IPDB). Simulation results show a significant improvement in performance compared to the state of the art.

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