Task Migration for S-Net/LPEL. Verstraaten, M., Kok, S., Poss, R., & Grelck, C. In Grelck, C., Hammond, K., & Scholz, S., editors, Proc. 2nd HiPEAC Workshop on Feedback-Directed Compiler Optimization for Multi-Core Architectures, January, 2013.
Task Migration for S-Net/LPEL [pdf]Paper  Task Migration for S-Net/LPEL [pdf]Local  abstract   bibtex   
We propose an extension to S-NET's light-weight parallel execution layer (LPEL): dynamic migration of tasks between cores for improved load balancing and higher throughput of S-NET streaming networks. We sketch out the necessary implementation steps and empirically analyse the impact of task migration on a variety of S-NET applications.

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