TAPS Bolivian Study Team 2012 Does participatory mapping increase conflicts? A randomized evaluation in the Bolivian Amazon Applied Geography 34: 650-658 Amérique Latine Cartographie et SIG. Victoria, R., Martí, O., Maximilien, G., Ana, L., Jaime, P., Manuel, M., & Joan, P.
	title = {{TAPS} {Bolivian} {Study} {Team} 2012 {Does} participatory mapping increase conflicts? {A} randomized evaluation in the {Bolivian} {Amazon} {Applied} {Geography} 34: 650-658 {Amérique} {Latine} {Cartographie} et {SIG}},
	language = {en},
	author = {Victoria, R.E.Y.E.S.G.A.R.C.I.A. and Martí, O.R.T.A.M.A.R.T.Í.N.E.Z. and Maximilien, G.U.E.Z.E. and Ana, L.U.Z. and Jaime, P.A.N.E.Q.U.E.G.A.L.V.E.Z. and Manuel, M.A.C.I.A. and Joan, P.I.N.O.},

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