Whakapiki i te Reo. Victoria University of Wellington Technical Report
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In June 2006 Te Kura Māori, Faculty of Education, Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) secured one of the Whakapiki i te Reo (WPR) contracts with the Ministry of Education. The purpose of WPR is to strengthen teachers’ capability to teach through the medium of te reo Māori, by providing a high quality professional learning and development programme (PLD) that improves teachers’ language proficiency and increases their knowledge, skill and application to support students’ language achievement. There are three teacher engagement components within this PLD programme: online, face-to-face, and digital technology, (see Figure 1: Concept Design below). Each component has a number of aspects, activities or information that contributes to the overall programme. The online component has material that is available to participants via the computer and Internet. The face-to-face component supports activities that take place between the Regional Coordinator (RC), the In-school Facilitator (ISF), and the participants. The digital technology component material is downloaded and viewed on the iPod Touch or iPad.

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