Towards predictive modelling of the electrophysiology of the heart. Vigmond, E., Vadakkumpadan, F., Gurev, V., Arevalo, H., Deo, M., Plank, G., & Trayagnova, N. J Exp. Physiol., 94(5):563--577, 2009.
  author = 	 "E. Vigmond and F. Vadakkumpadan and V. Gurev and 
		  H. Arevalo and M. Deo and G. Plank and N.A. Trayagnova",
  title = 	 "Towards predictive modelling of the 
		  electrophysiology of the heart",
  journal = 	 "J Exp. Physiol.",
  year = 	 "2009",
  volume =	 "94",
  number =	 "5",
  pages =	 "563--577",
  robnote = 	 "Natalia, image based modeling.  The goal of this article is
                  to present an overview of current state-of-art advances
                  towards predictive computational modelling of the heart as
                  developed recently by the authors of this article. We first
                  outline the methodology for constructing electrophysiological
                  models of the heart. We then provide three examples that
                  demonstrate the use of these models, focusing specifically on
                  the mechanisms for arrhythmogenesis and defibrillation in the
                  heart. These include: (1) uncovering the role of ventricular
                  structure in defibrillation; (2) examining the contribution
                  of Purkinje fibres to the failure of the shock; and (3) using
                  magnetic resonance imaging reconstructed heart models to
                  investigate the re-entrant circuits formed in the presence of
                  an infarct scar.", 
  bibdate = 	 "Sat May 09 07:04:36 2009"

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