HPD Attenuation Verification: A Viable Option? - Panel discussion. Voix, J. & Laville, F. In National Hearing Conservation Association, Spectrum, volume Vol. 20, S, pages p. 22, Dallas, TX, 2003. NHCA, Greenwood Village, CO, USA.
HPD Attenuation Verification: A Viable Option? - Panel discussion [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
To address the issues related to the field performance of HPD, a new concept has been developed using a re-usable earplug that is custom-fitted thanks to silicon injection between a hard core and a soft expendable envelope: a miniature bore in the hard core is used to determine the sound pressure level difference (Noise Reduction) across the earplug. The benefits of this measuring capability are the real time monitoring of the acoustic seal during the injection process -until an adequate fit has been reached- and the development of a field method to estimate the noise attenuation obtained by such expandable earplugs as worn in the workplace. This estimation method uses a statistical approach to link subjective Attenuations with objective measurements of the Noise Reduction. The support of Sonomax Hearing Health Inc., IRSST (Quebec Occupational Health and Safety Research Institute) and NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) is gratefully acknowledged.

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